3D Works

Exterior Objects, 2015.

This loose series of work expanded upon an iconographic lexicon of visual-objects representing exterior spaces. Work was presented in juxtaposed orientations, inverting the positioning of floor and wall elements so as to dissociate the object as image from its associated visual function.

No Parking Lines II @ Radius Gallery, 2015.

A transient installation at the opening of the second showing of S|P|A|C|E|S. A parking space was blocked off with painted carpet lines on the roof of the building’s parking garage. Viewers could see the installation through the windows at the exhibition.

S|P|A|C|E|S, 2015.

This series of work explored formalist spatial compositions through street motifs. The visual language developed in this series has informed much of the work that I am still elaborating on today. Home and street materials were juxtaposed in an exploratory manner in attempts to remove familiarity from commonplace objects. The dichotomous relationship between “interior” and “exterior” spaces defined a thematic tension between the roles of these visual objects as real objects and psychological symbols.

Exhibition statement:

This body of work investigates the relationship between personal and public spaces and the systems organizing spatial distribution. The destructive transformation of domestic materials re-contextualizes them as simply material; similarly, the re-presentation of ubiquitous spatial markers challenges the existing allocation and management of space. Proportionate representations of road signs and markings presented in a neutral environment draw attention to the scale and instructive quality of objects all but ignored in their conventional locations. The juxtaposition of carpeting, constructive woods, and household paints allows for the comparison between the spatial management of outdoor and indoor environments, suggesting a reconsideration of the everyday spaces we take for granted.