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Welcome to my portfolio!

Since August 2022, I am currently a student majoring in Software Development (BS) at PennWest University with an expected graduation of spring 2024. As I further my education, you'll be able to see some of my projects in the code section of this site. My previous undergraduate degrees are in sculpture (BFA) and psychology (BS).

Prior to my ongoing career change, I worked as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher primarily in Việt Nam and South Korea. Outside of work, I practiced developing front-end projects (HTML, CSS, JS) and back-end skills (Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy). Driven by my experience in traditional and digital classrooms, I'm passionate about building a career in educational technology.

In my free time, you'll usually catch me playing Atomic or Antichess over on Lichess. Some other hobbies include writing electronic music, experimenting with AI-generated visual art, horticulture / gardening, and of course, travel!


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