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Web Development

Some Brief Exposition

Though I've built simple WordPress websites since 2014 or so, in 2020, I decided that coding and building webapps was something I wanted to pursue seriously.

As I currently work full-time as an EFL teacher, my progress has been a bit slow. With the advent of this redesigned portfolio site, I'm working to slowly document and host my progress online.

Though a lot of the content in this section may overlap with my (now-barren) code section, I'd like to focus this section on front-end projects.

All projects currently listed here are fully built and maintained by myself.

Screenshot of homepage.

My Portfolio is fully-responsive portfolio site was built from scratch using Flask, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I use Adobe Brackets for HTML and CSS prototyping and then code everything else in Sublime Text. All the icons were created as SVGs in Inkscape and GIMP.

Background texture images are from I decided to keep a WordPress blog for simplicity's sake, as I don't really blog much.


Screenshot of EFL.Coach homepage.

An EFL Resource Website

EFL.Coach started as a WordPress blog where I uploaded EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching resources, materials, and templates.

While learning Python and Flask, I began building EFL.Coach/Tools as a collection of teaching webapps designed to replace the need to manually create and edit activities in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Today, the 'Tools' section is still in production and not yet available online. I think the applications I'm building will help solve a lot of the problems I and other EFL teachers face in the workplace, so I'm excited to see this through!

Screenshot of homepage.

A Fine Arts Critique Website was the first notable web project I made. It uses a WordPress template with custom HTML / CSS.


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