Chris Schneider

Web Development

Front-End Projects

All projects listed here are fully built and maintained by myself. For the most part I create my own graphics using Inkscape / GIMP.



Screenshot of homepage.

My Portfolio is fully-responsive self-hosted portfolio site built from scratch with Python / Flask, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Background texture images are from


Screenshot of EFL.Coach homepage.

An EFL Resource Website

EFL.Coach started as a WordPress blog where I uploaded EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching resources, materials, and templates.

While learning Python and Flask, I began building Tools.EFL.Coach as a collection of teaching web-apps designed to replace the need to manually create and edit activities in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Though still a prototype, I hope to deploy this feature to EFL Coach in the future.

Screenshot of homepage.

A Fine Arts Critique Website was the first notable web project I made. It uses a WordPress template with custom HTML / CSS.


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